Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic treatment improves reflexes, strength, balance, pain levels, allowing you to work harder for longer with less risk of injury. It restores movement to stiff areas, strengthens weak areas and stretches out tight muscles. This improves the efficiency of the body and with regular exercise and good nutrition can form an essential part of your healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractic care is such a wide field it incorporates physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports injury treatment techniques plus nutritional advice, functional rehabilitation techniques as well as general lifestyle advice. Its safe compared to medical interventions and very cost effective when patients comply with the advice given.

It’s also inexpensive when compared with servicing and running your car. So invest a little in your health today and feel great, don’t keep ignoring your bodies warning signals or masking them with painkillers, take positive action towards better health today.



Chiropractic Treatment at Back in Form

Chiropractic Treatment at Back in Form You can be sure that at Back In Form we will look at the whole picture from the ground up, the head down and inside out. According to the General Chiropractic Council, chiropractic is “a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the…


Sports Massage Treatments

Sports Massage TherapyAt Back In Form we offer sports massage treatments at our specialist clinic in Lower Parkstone in Ashely Cross, near Bournemouth. Sports massage therapy is a great compliment to other chiropractic treatment and here at Back In Form we provide the option of both types of treatment to help better serve our clients.…


Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injury TreatmentSports injury treatment at Back In Form to speed recovery and enhance performance.At Back in Form we use a variety of techniques to maximise healing and consolidate recovery for sports injuries. We give high quality care and solutions designed to help you get the best results whatever your sports injury. Being a keen…


Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support Good Nutritional Support is Essential Good nutritional support is essential for healthy cells and therefore a healthy you. At Back In Form we give advice on nutritional support to help you reduce inflammation and optimise cellular function. This is a particular area of interest in my general life and also for my athletic…