With A Trio of Triathletes is Back In Form the Fittest Chiropractic Clinic In Dorset?

Back In Form chiropractic clinic now have a third Triathlete joining the ranks...

The addition of chiropractor Lucy Rodwell to the Blandford chiropractic clinic as locum for Karen Oldale now means that with chiropractor Steven Oldale and Sports Massage therapist Lucy Payne, this must surely be one of the fittest clinics in Dorset.

A trio of triathletes are now ready to transition you from couch potato to ironman athlete. Steven Oldale has completed multiple ironman events but is likely to have a break from the big ones this year as he will be concentrating on the new baby triathlete! Lucy has placed highly in the forestman event and Lucy is a keen triathlete too.

The team may have to consider doing a relay event sporting clinic team kit. With a wealth of experience in competing and treating sports injuries and muscular pain they can keep you on the road. To find out more follow this link.

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