Neck pain treatment is very common in this clinic, because the neck is a relatively mobile area of the spine that also has to balance the weight of the head. For this reason it is vulnerable if it is put under pressure through lifting, poor posture or if you have been involved in an accident. Poor function in the neck can lead to pain and disturbance of the communication between your brain and your muscles and sensors through the whole body.

Most of the time a bad neck will give you pain across the shoulders and into the upper or lower arm. Most problems are due to inflammation of the joints, and ligaments and the subsequent spasm of the muscles. If left the poor movement can lead to disc problems and arm pain.  Over many years your body will wear and repair.  This repair can lead to a laying down of bone that traps the nerves and severely limits mobility.

What is Neck Pain Treatment?

Neck pain treatment firstly looks at restoring movement to the facet joints (see facet joint syndrome) reducing inflammation and therefore pain. Then the treatment is targeted at rehabilitating the injury correctly for a longer term result. Chiropractic treatment breaks the cycle of pain causing spasm causing pain etc. This improves muscle tone, in addition this is helped by dry needling and soft tissue therapy. We also improve body awareness and feedback from the muscles and joints with taping techniques and exercises and give specific advice about posture, lifestyle.

Chiropractic care for ongoing neck pain is recommended by numerous guidelines. Such as NICE.

If you have radiating pain in the arm it is important to seek treatment soon to ensure that you are not damaging the nerves to the arm.

If you have recently been in an accident it is important to get treatment as soon as possible, if you don’t you are more likely to suffer earlier degeneration and arthritis of the neck. Sometimes this occurs within just a few years of the accident. Whiplash can cause many problems to the spine and joints. This is due to direct trauma but also because of the mild injury to the brain as it gets banged about in the head. Please see Whiplash treatment for the effects of this, you’d be surprised how far reaching symptoms can be.

Advanced arthritis of the neck commonly leads to trapped nerves to the arm resulting in higher levels of pain and even permanent weakness or numbness if advanced. So it is wise to address the problem thoroughly as soon as you can so that you can restore your normal movement quickly and lessen your chances of developing this.

You can be assured of a thorough appraisal at Back In Form as I have suffered my own significant whiplash. Once you’ve suffered one, you’ll need careful and targeted rehabilitation to reduce the chances of recurrent problems and to ensure that the brain has not been weakened by the trauma. We see many people with significant neck problems and degeneration who did nothing about their injury and several years later they can’t believe it was likely due to an old car accident. Don’t make that mistake, look after your joints and they’ll be more likely to last you a life time. Find out how poor joint function causes problems through facet joint syndrome.