Your GP and Private Health Insurance

Do I Need to Tell My GP?

You do not need to tell your GP unless you want to. We will ask permission to write to your GP if we have reason to. The report will contain a brief history of your problem, our examination findings, our clinical impression, any investigation results such as x-rays and details of our treatment plan. We will send this as your GP is the custodian of your medical records and it is in your interest to have this record complete and up to date.

Private Health Insurance

Treatment at the clinic is covered by all the major private health insurers. You will need to contact them to check your policy cover is suitable. They will then either ask you to contact your GP to validate a claim or they will give you an authorisation number.  When booking please let us know the which insurer you are using and if you have it please bring along the letter confirming this so we can update our records.



Chiropractic Treatment at Back in Form

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Sports Massage Treatments

Sports Massage TherapyAt Back In Form we offer sports massage treatments at our specialist clinic in Lower Parkstone in Ashely Cross, near Bournemouth. Sports massage therapy is a great compliment to other chiropractic treatment and here at Back In Form we provide the option of both types of treatment to help better serve our clients.…


Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injury TreatmentSports injury treatment at Back In Form to speed recovery and enhance performance.At Back in Form we use a variety of techniques to maximise healing and consolidate recovery for sports injuries. We give high quality care and solutions designed to help you get the best results whatever your sports injury. Being a keen…


Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support Good Nutritional Support is Essential Good nutritional support is essential for healthy cells and therefore a healthy you. At Back In Form we give advice on nutritional support to help you reduce inflammation and optimise cellular function. This is a particular area of interest in my general life and also for my athletic…