Our Philosophy

We believe that chiropractic has an important role to play in maintaining good health and optimising peoples lives. It is a powerful tool for re-educating the nervous system to function correctly, restoring movement, enhancing balance and control and easing pain without the use of drugs.

It is very safe relative to many medical interventions and is therefore suitable for all the family. In order to get the best from life we need to get the best from our bodies. Chiropractic is ideally placed to provide this. We like to see patients of all ages and shapes and sizes, but most of all we like to see patients who care about themselves and others around them. Patients who recognise that investing in health is one of the most important things you can do.

At Back In Form we passionately believe that everyone has the potential to achieve better health through the application of improved muscle and joint function, improved diet and better self awareness. Whether its whiplash, headaches, joint pain or low back pain, we at Back In Form chiropractic clinic believe that every one has the right to be pain free with optimal body function.

That's why our friendly, qualified chiropractors offer only the highest quality treatment and service.

Just some of the things that give you a good kick start on your way to solve your health issues:

  • Modern comfortable facilities with on site parking to make it accessible.
  • 28 years experience of helping treat back and joint pain
  • Well established Chiropractic clinic that has been treating people in the community for over 22 years.
  • X-Rays which can be arranged at a local centre
  • Opening times to fit into your schedule: visit us early morning, evening or Saturday mornings by arrangement
  • Fixed pricing from only £39 per treatment with discount plans available (see offers)
  • We can provide chiropractic, physical therapy, sports massage, medical acupuncture and strength and conditioning under one roof
  • Fully qualified and registered practitioners so you know you're in professional and safe hands
  • Helpful and friendly staff who are always happy to help you with any questions you may have
  • Complimentary up to date information at your fingertips at all times

To help you return to your optimum level of health, we provide a unique level of care that focuses on 5 key points:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and limbs allowing better movement and neurological function to take place in order to aid physical rehabilitation
  2. Functional muscle testing to ensure we make a change and restore strength
  3. Active rehabilitation to groove normal movement patterns and then build strength through a range of movement
  4. Comprehensive soft tissue work to ensure we remove scar tissue and promote optimal healing
  5. Nutritional and dietary advice is given where needed to help patients achieve better holistic health.



Chiropractic Treatment at Back in Form

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