Meet The Blandford Chiropractic Clinic Team

 has always The Team At Blandford Chiropractic Clinic

Regardless of whether you have back pain, muscle strains or need treatment for your sports injury, the team here at Blandford Chiropractic Clinic are here to help. We can offer you evidence based personally tailored treatment to aid your recovery and help your performance.

Karen Oldale BSc(HONS), MSc (Chiro), DC, PGCert.

Chiropractor Karen Oldale from Blandford Chiropractic Clinic.

Chiropractor Karen Oldale.

After succesfully building her practice as an associate at a Chiropractic Clinic in Dorchester, Karen is now primary practitioner at  Blandford Chiropractic Clinic where she has been practising since 2007. With an interest in sports injury rehab and functional neurology, she also spends time seeing patients at our Poole Chiropractic Clinic.

Human health has always interested Karen. She gained an  honours degree in biology at the University of Newcastle-upon Tyne. Following this she looked to health care as a career and Chiropractic treatment in particular. She graduated with distinction in her Masters degree from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2006 and then followed this up with another distinction in her postgraduate certificate in Chiropractic practice.

Karen has a special interest in functional neurology and has 12 years experience of busy practice. This has shaped her skills in dealing with people of all ages struggling with conditions such as sports injuries, dizzyness, nutrition and children’s issues.

In her spare time Karen is a very competitive dinghy sailor sailing her RS200, or if it’s really blowing, kite-surfing. In 2016 she won the RS500 Nationals and placed well in the endeavour trophy for the national champions. She was also in the first all girl boat in the RS200 Nationals in Mounts Bay.

In the winter Karen likes to get away to the mountains to ski, so if you need a pre-season skiing programme, she’s your girl. In addition to this she likes to mountain bike to wind down from playing netball! So she knows how to keep you active and well. Karen is about to have her first baby so while she is away her clients will be in the skilled hands of…..


Lucy Rodwell Mchiro, MIVCA, ICCSP


Lucy Rodwell“I have been involved in many sports since a young age which led me to an interest in chiropractic. At the age of 14, I observed a chiropractor treating my horse.  She also treated me and I was fascinated by the results.

After qualifying from the 5-year Mchiro programme at AECC University, Bournemouth, I went on to further my studies and become an equine chiropractor, certified with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Although the techniques are different, the underlying chiropractic principles are the same in the equine practice and help to reinforce the theory that, chiropractic works best when function is the primary focus, rather than a pain-centered model.

I have worked with sports teams, providing pitch side first aid as well as pre and post-game treatment and rehabilitation.  I obtained my ICCSD sports diploma with FICS, meaning I am an internationally accredited sports chiropractor.

In my spare time, I like to do trail running, cycling, yoga and riding friends’ horses. I have competed in various triathlon and running races.  Exercise and movement are fundamental to a holistic healthcare approach and have huge influence on the emotional and physical elements of our health.

In practice I see a wide range of patients including professional athletes, children, the elderly, rugby players and riders.  I enjoy helping to relieve their pain but also find it very rewarding teaching people about the other benefits of chiropractic.  Although people often come and see us for a pain complaint, pain is not the central focus of chiropractic care. I am looking forward to meeting and treating you all over the coming months and finding out more about you and your health goals”


Steven Oldale BSc, DC


Steven Oldale Chiropractor and Triathlete

Steven Oldale Chiropractor

I’ve been aware of Chiropractic since childhood as it helped my grandmother manage her migraine headaches. I’ve now been a Chiropractor now for almost 24 years, graduating in 1994.

I worked in Kent for a year before joining Graham Heale in Hertfordshire where I built on my training for the next 5 years. In 1999 I moved to Poole.

I like to keep updated with developments in Chiropractic, sports injury rehab and also general medicine as well. All health professions are constantly evolving and developing and Chiropractic is one of them. There have been many changes in approach over my career and I have developed into a better physician by adapting my practice to reflect this.

I firmly believe that Chiropractic’s potential for Sports performance is under developed.  My keen interest has helped many athletes perform at their true potential. Being an amateur Triathlete has helped my knowledge of sports training immensely (read my triathlon story here).

The thing that I like most about it is how it can instantly restore strength to functionally weak muscles. It’s great fun demonstrating the instantaneous response to patients. Especially if they are a little sceptical and see us as the last resort. I am also interested in the use of specialist neurological tests to re-balance the activity of the brain following whiplash type injuries.

In my opinion Chiropractic and targeted active rehabilitation should be the first port of call when you have symptoms. If you correct poor joint movement soon after injury it can help you stay active, flexible and healthier. Then you can stay fit and healthy for longer in your life.

We can help you as part of a lifestyle choice to be healthier. You’ve got one life, you really need to live it well.


Antonio Vona M.Chiro

Antonio Vona, Italian Chiropractor

Antonio joined us at the Blandford Clinic in 2017 as a full time Chiropractic associate. He originates from Italy and is very passionate about Chiropractic.

Interests include music and art which is not surprising as he comes from the country of culture.






Lucy Payne, Sports Massage Therapist.

Lucy Payne Sports Masseuse at Back In Form Chiropractic Clinic

Finishing 3rd In Forestman Tri

Lucy is a fully qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM). She trained at the London School of Sports Massage to the highest level within the sports massage field.

As someone who has always been passionate about sport and fitness, Lucy has become an experienced marathon runner and iron distance triathlete over the past ten years. Since becoming a mum she has continued to race at a decent level, still completing marathons each year. She is often seen out pushing her running buggy along Bournemouth seafront.

As a keen runner and triathlete, Lucy has experienced the benefits of massage first hand. She believes strongly in its potential to provide a remedy for musculoskeletal pain caused by sport or life’s everyday stresses. Massage relieves the symptoms of postural problems or chronic occupational fatigue. It also reduces stress, assists with emotions, improves self-awareness, flexibility and helps with relaxation.

For sports people, it can offer the added benefit of speeding up recovery. This allows you to have better quality training, shorter recovery times, as well as a higher quantity of training.  It can also help prevent injury or help you spot early problems.