Janice Strong

How I was when I started:

I had long-standing back pain, which had been occasionally treated by an Osteopath. It worked for a while then the pain would return. In December 2010 I injured my left shoulder trying to heave a heavy van door closed. I assumed that it would right itself through rest and painkillers. By mid 2011 the pain was still there in my shoulder, waking me at night and limiting use of my left arm. The lower back pain continued.

How I am today:

To date I have had 15 treatments close together initial and over time spaced further apart. Today I have been treated after a 6 week break. The pain in the shoulder is minimal and increases only if I over exert my left arm. I now have the knowledge to listen to my body, know why this pain occurs as the Chiropractor explained clearly on around the 7th visit what he felt what was causing the problem, and the long term prognosis for caring for this without surgery. During this time my lower back pain has been dealt with as well, and Steve’s advice re exercises has helped by strengthening muscles and improving my posture.
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