Sports Massage Treatments


Back In Form are a specialist clinic offering Sports Massage in Ashley Cross Poole. Sports Massage Therapists also carry out deep tissue massage treatments.

Katie is a fully qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM).

She trained at the London School of Sports Massage to the highest level within the sports massage field.

Google reviews

Grant Morrison

“The Back In Form team are great and have been very helpful in sorting out my issues and I wanted to give particular praise to Katie Grennall their sports massage therapist. Absolutely brilliant. Katie’s expertise and understanding of what is required is awesome with precise and thorough techniques. Very good at suggesting exercises and other routines to take away. Best sports massage therapist I have ever experienced. Would highly recommend.”

Introductory offer:  Book 5 sports massages and receive 6th one free, or have 20% off your first sports massage.

More about Katie Grennall:

Fitness has been a passion for Katie from a young age, where she competed in swimming and dance from the tender age of seven.

She still enjoys pushing herself to her limits participating in a variety of activities including: running, cycling, skiing, yoga and Crossfit.

By experiencing the effects that different training modalities can have on the body, she has a great affinity for understanding how the body works and what we expect our bodies to endure under the stresses of many day-to-day and more strenuous activities.

She has always set herself sporting goals and in 2011 ran the London Marathon. Regularly competes in half marathons and is looking at the next challenge being a Half Ironman, in 2016.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

Sports Massage treatment is a great compliment to Chiropractic treatment at our Lower Parkstone clinic in Ashley Cross. It helps to reduce muscle tension and also improve blood flow through the deeper tissues of the muscle, where flow can be poor. Limited blood flow leads to an accumulation of inflammatory chemicals and lactic acid that can hamper recovery or hinder performance. By improving blood flow these chemicals are flushed from the muscle and the result is reduced tension and improved endurance.

In addition massage helps to stretch the inner architecture or fascia of the muscle. This improves flexibility and again reduces pain and its effects on hindering good joint function and athletic performance.

Massage also releases endorphins helping you feel less pain and more relaxed so it’s very useful as part of a holistic treatment for stress and anxiety. Conditions that are on the increase in our busy demanding lives.

Prices are

1 Hour Sports Massage…………£45

45 Minute Sports Massage……£35