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  1. Back In Form are delighted to welcome Chiropractor Susan Hill DC, DACNB to the Poole Clinic (post)

    Susan Hill Joins the team at Back In Form. Susan has been practising Chiropractic for 28 years and has worked in ... Read more
  2. Triathlon 2016 season (post)

    After an encouraging 2015 coming on the back of glandular fever the year before I was keen to step it up and start ... Read more
  3. Triathlon 2014-5 (post)

    “I like a challenge”. That would probably be the best way to explain why I have found myself doing ... Read more
  4. Selection of Core exercises for Low Back pain. (post)

    Core exercises have been the buzz word for well over a decade now and there’s good reason for this. They help ... Read more
  5. Inspired By Our Excelling Olympians? (post)

    Then Join In On The Fun The Next Time You Watch Sport. In August our amazing Olympic team brought home life ... Read more
  6. Back Pain Exercise, How To Get Up From A Chair. (post)

    Hip Hinge A Practical Exercise For Helping Back Pain. We all get up and down from chairs regularly through the day. ... Read more
  7. How to avoid injury when you restart exercise. (post)

    How to avoid injury when you restart exercise. After a break from exercise it is easy to get carried away ... Read more
  8. Are your anti-cholesterol drugs compromising your energy levels? (post)

    The Technical Bit: Anti-Cholesterol drugs such as statins reduce your cholesterol by slowing down the production of ... Read more
  9. Ski Fit Program (post)

    4 Exercises to help you get fit for the Slopes. Skiing and boarding involves prolonged periods of hip and ... Read more
  10. Probiotic bacteria help reduce symptoms of Hay fever. (post)

    Eating a bio-active yoghurt a day can help reduce Hayfever. 18 million people suffer from hayfever in the UK to ... Read more
  11. You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks….Or Can You? (post)

    The difficulty of re-wiring your brain or why we’d all be better off if we were 6 years old!! As a ... Read more
  12. What is Pain? (post)

    Fact: Pain is being sent to your brain by every pain nerve in your body all the time. Thankfully the ... Read more
  13. Back Pain Prevalence (post)

    Back Pain Audit shows worrying trend. Recent National Pain Audit figures show a worrying trend. A staggering ... Read more
  14. Is Your Posture Saying Something About Your Brain? (post)

    Poor posture can be a sign that there is a weakness in your brain function. Take a look in a full length mirror at ... Read more
  15. Paracetomol and Back pain (post)

    Paracetomol ineffective as treatment for back and joint pain. Last week (April 2015) a study was published ... Read more
  16. Vitamin D3 (post)

    I asked you what was the most important vitamin for fighting colds what would your answer be? Many people think ... Read more
  17. Ongoing Spinal Manipulative Care Shown To Be More Beneficial Than Short Course Of Treatment. (post)

    It has long been a subject of hot debate between the medical profession and Chiropractors about the efficacy of ... Read more
  18. Don’t Slip Up Twice! (post)

    Slipping Once On Ice Is Unlucky But Not Getting Checked Out After Is A Second Slip Up! With the recent cold snap we ... Read more
  19. Ten Top Tips To Avoid Back Pain Or Other Injuries This Christmas. (post)

    A Look At Potential Pitfalls In A Festive Spirit. It’s Christmas!!! Well not quite, but the infamous words of Noddy ... Read more
  20. Longer Term Use Of Cortico-steroids For Tendinopathies Worse Than No Treatment At All. (post)

    GPs are being advised to only use short courses of steroid injections to treat tendinopathies, after a systematic ... Read more
  21. What is Health? (post)

    This is a fundamentally important question when considering a “healthy” spine or body. In the Western World health ... Read more
  22. Is Functional Weakness Dragging You Down? (post)

    Are You Firing On All Cylinders? In order for your body to move well with minimal effort and maximum control you ... Read more
  23. Preventative Care For The Low Back (post)

    The Basics Of Back Pain Prevention When you get low back pain it can be excruciating, it can also be quite ... Read more
  24. Wall Angel Part 2 (post)

    Building Resistance You’ve Should Have The Flexibility Now It’s Time To Go For Strength And Stamina. Only complete ... Read more
  25. Easy Exercise For Improving Shoulder Mobility Reduces Neck And Shoulder Pain (post)

    Here Is A Daily Stretch That Will Help You Stay Free Of Upper Back Pain And Neck Pain. This exercise is called the ... Read more