Achieve long lasting relief from neck & back pain at Back in Form

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Sports injury and performance
  • Recover from injury
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    Pain Relief

    Treatment to free your joints, mobilisation to increase flexibility, muscle release techniques, acupuncture, core stability and postural advice

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    Choosing the right Poole Chiropractic and Sports Massage Clinic.

    Based in Ashley Cross in the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation of Dorset since 1994, Back In Form Chiropractic Clinic aim to seek out the cause of your pain “from the head down, the ground up and inside out“.

    Anyone can crack a joint. We make sure it’s the right one with the right affect. A whole body treatment that’s specific every time you visit.

    At Back In Form we use a functional neurological approach as most issues that cause postural strain, weakness and pain come from the relationship between the brain and the body. If you fail to address this imbalance your problem will keep returning. So we use specific testing to enhance and balance the reflexes that control you. This helps rebalance muscles and improve joint function while reducing pain. When Combined with our excellent Sports Massage you’ll soon be getting the best care possible.

    Our aim is to help you recover as quickly as possible for as long as possible. We aim to get good results by looking at the whole body from day one, not just the area of pain. You will get advice to help overcome and prevent your problem. We’ve been doing this successfully for over 22 years.

    If you aren’t sure about coming for treatment give the clinic a call and we will be happy to spend some time finding out about your problems and seeing if it’s something we can help with. Then you can decide if Back In Form Chiropractic sounds right for you, and there’s no charge for this. Call us today on 01202 733355.


    We are close to Parkstone railway station. We are also well connected on the M1 bus route which stops right outside the clinic.

    You may have been told that you have to live with back pain. This isn’t true and you shouldn’t accept a life of pain and stiffness until you have tried all methods of treatment and even alternative therapists within a profession. All Chiropractors are not the same, the profession has a broad range of treatments within it. The most important thing to remember whoever you see is that prompt treatment can be extremely effective and help you to improve your chances of staying pain free, flexible and stronger, with a healthy spine and joints.

    How to find the best Chiropractor in Poole.

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    Rebuilding your health from the ground up, head down and inside out.

    We look at the whole body when we examine your back pain or neck pain. We look at how you walk, how you stand or sit, how you live your life and find out where your functional weaknesses and bad habits lie.