Backinform Chiropractor Poole

Welcome to Back in Form Chiropractic

Based in Poole and serving Bournemouth, Wareham, Christchurch and Wimborne we aim to provide the most comprehensive Chiropractic treatment for your particular problem.

We look at the whole body when we examine your back pain or neck pain. We look at how you walk, how you stand or sit, how you life your life and find out where your functional weaknesses and bad habits lie.

What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic focuses on ensuring that your body’s nervous system works at its optimum level. Your nervous system controls everything in the body, so a failure of it to communicate with the muscles, joints or organs can result in decreased function.

Located in Poole

Hours of business Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8.40 to 7pm, Wednesday 9 to 1pm, Friday 8.40 to 5pm and Saturday morning by personal arrangement. 65-67 Commercial Road, Ashley Cross, Parkstone Poole. BH14 0JB

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic treatment improves reflexes, strength, balance, pain levels, allowing you to work harder for longer with less risk of injury. It restores movement to stiff areas, strengthens weak areas and stretches out tight muscles.